PlayLab, Inc.
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Founded in 2009 without a particular focus, we explore simple observations of things that interest us, using art, architecture, and graphic design to initiate and work with others on ideas

Selected Works

A Reminder — TUCK FRUMP

A music video for Pity Sex — BURDEN YOU

High-concept merch for a museum — T-SHIRT

Football players hugging in the end zone — FRIENDZONE

Every time Joaquin Phoenix walks in his films — WALKING PHOENIX

Remembering things Adobe sent us — A Walk to Remember

A rebrand of the United States for SFMOMA — America, the Brand

A water-filtering floating pool in New York — + POOL

A publication exploring something relevant now — CLOG

Weird street tents for New Museum — WORMS

Ideas, Branding, Creative Direction, Strategy & Design Services

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Open M—F
244 Canal St.
New York, NY 10013

PLAYLAB, INC. is looking for a Fall Intern for + POOL. Is it you? Info here. To apply, email us with the subject “Pool Is Me". Deadline 9/29.

Archie Lee Coates IV
Jeff Franklin
Ryan J. Simons
Luiza Dale
Anya Shcherbakova

Thanks for working with us

Jonathan O’Brien
Sean Suchara
Elie Anderson
Olga Monina
Nick Fogarty
Lauren Kirk
Kim McGuire
Kaimin Sun
Becca Pad
Nick Hum
Russell Flench

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