by PlayLab, Inc.
Opening reception: Oct. 8, 6-9pm
XXXI, 411 E 9th Street

The proper noun “Joaquin” and the adjective “walking” sound pretty similar. WALKING PHOENIX highlights this through several works in print and film showing select sequences in which Joaquin Phoenix is walking in various motion pictures, including: Her, The Master, Walk the Line, Inherent Vice, Two Lovers, Gladiator, Signs, The Immigrant, The Village, and I’m Still Here.

The gallery will host two screenings, one for The Master, and one for Her, on October 15 and 22, respectively. Additionally, Joaquin has been invited by PlayLab, Inc. to walk by XXXI on Thursday, October 29 between 4—7pm. During this time, visitors are invited to sit in the gallery, look outwards towards the street, and wait to see if Joaquin walks. This performance will conclude the exhibition.


Opening reception
Thursday, October 8, 6—9pm

Thursday, October 15, 7pm, The Master
Thursday, October 22, 7pm, Her

Thursday, October 29, 4—7pm

If you're seeing this, you are invited.
Also, anyone is invited.

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