Big Stoop

When Brian and Danny asked us to design a project for their pilot program for BEAM Center in Brooklyn (and gave us free reign), we thought of three things. 1) It needed to be big, 2) It needed to reuse something that wasn't, and 3) It needed to be for everyone. 

There are an overwhelming amount of empty, unused lots in Brooklyn. They sit empty for years. Brooklyn is full of precedents for using empty lots. Gardens, pools, and even miniature golf

After realizing that the Stoop was the most iconic place for New Yorkers to gather, we decided that these empty lots could use more stoops. Not just any stoops, but Big Stoops. Using temporary structural members like scaffolding, you could potentially fill an entire lot with a giant stoop quickly and cheaply. Dozens of people. Hanging. Drinking. Yelling. Whatever.

All safety issues aside, why would you not want more of a good thing (at least in this case)? 

We haven't tried to propose this to anyone, but we will. In the meantime, if you want to make this happen, talk to us. Or, just do it. It's a good idea.

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With: BEAM Works